In today's globalized and highly competitive context, innovation is a way for companies to differentiate themselves and attract future talents who will be the actors of change in our societies. Beyond technological innovation, it is essential to implement and develop a culture of innovation. During the past few years, SOURIAU-SUNBANK has adapted its company culture to stimulate innovation in its staff's daily work.

SOURIAU-SUNBANK's approach is to determine key innovation cores based on future evolutions of technologies. Based on these innovation cores, groups form to take on projects aimed at developing new processes around these cores. Before the groups are formed, the company encourages the participation of all its employees on the topic in order to challenge each other and stimulate new ideas.

A physical and digital space for coworkers to talk about any daily work topic they want in order to stimulate innovation at all levels.
The technological and organizational cores that define the direction in which we want to evolve towards.
A number of projects validated by our innovation comittee to prepare our company for the future.

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